About Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson, freelance PR Consultant

Claire Thompson

PR consultant and communications specialist

Claire Thompson is a freelance PR Consultant with over 25 years of experience in PR, both agency and in house, in the UK and internationally. She has worked across industries including technology and telecoms, startups and large corporations, green/eco, construction, health and wellbeing, and campaigning for change.

She has a sound understanding of PR strategies based on an understanding of crisis management, SEO, social media, media relations, analyst relations and more. Moreover she understands where these disciplines overlap, and naturally has a contact book full of specialists to support her in these areas.

  • Crisis management
  • Crisis planning
  • European PR management
  • Strategic PR support
  • Agency selection
  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Media training
  • PR training and mentoring
  • Website content (and managing development)
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